How to install Ubuntu Linux from USB Pen Drive

This tutorial explains how to install Ubuntu Linux from Pen drive or USB drive step by step with practical examples. Learn how to create, prepare and use Ubuntu bootable USB drive in detail. Installing Ubuntu from Pen drive is the most convenient way to install Ubuntu in a system that does not have an optical drive.


Preparing Pen drive or USB drive for Ubuntu installation

  • Ubuntu ISO Image file. (Download Ubuntu ISO image from here
  • YUMI Software (Download YUMI software)
  • A Pen drive or USB Flash drive (minimum 2GB)
  • A Windows system (XP or later version)

Attach USB drive with system and open My Computer. Note down the assigned drive letter by Windows to USB drive.

attach pen drive

Open the folder where YUMI software file is downloaded and double click the setup file.

start setup process

Depending on security settings, Windows may ask you to confirm the action. If prompts, click Yes button to confirm the action.

confirm UAC

Click I Agree button to accept the License Agreement

license aggrement accept

Once License is accepted, wizard will present the main configuration screen.

main configration screen

Wizard includes all necessary options and settings in this screen. Wizard categorizes these options and settings in three steps; drive, distribution and image file. Let’s understand these steps in detail.


By default only first step is enabled. Once choice is made in first step, next step will enable automatically.

Step1: - Wizard scans and lists all attached USB drives in first drop down field. Select the USB drive which you want to use for this process.

Do not check the option “Show All Drives”. Selecting this option will display all drives including hard disk partitions in drop down list which increases the chances of selecting wrong drive. To minimize the chances of selecting hard disk partition, keep this option unchecked. If wizard is not displaying attached USB drive in drop down list, remove and attach the USB drive again in system. If wizard still does not display the USB drive, try replacing and formatting the drive.

Once USB drive is selected from list, wizard will show the format options in right side. Although wizard can format pen drive with NTFS file system, but it should not be used for installation purpose.

NTFS is not supported by all OS. Unless you are going to store a file larger than 4GB in this pen drive, there is no need to use NTFS file system here.

Select Fat32 Format

pen drive location selected

Step2: - Wizard lists all supported operating system in second drop down field. Select Ubuntu from list.

Step3:- In this step, wizard needs the location of ISO image file. Use Browse button to select the Ubuntu ISO image file.

Once required settings and selections are done, click Create button

all options selected

In next screen, Wizard displays the summary of selection. If any correction is required, click No button to return in previous step. If all looks good, click Yes button to start the process.

summary of selection

Now wizard will prepare Ubuntu installation drive with selected options

prepration process running

Once process is finished, click Next button to continue.

ubuntu pen drive creation process finish

YUMI allows us to use the same pen drive to install multiple operating systems. In next screen, it asks whether we want to add more ISOs in this pen drive or not. Click No

additional ISO

Click Finish to close the wizard.

wizard finish

Now remove the pen drive from Windows system.

Installing Ubuntu from Pen Drive


Attach the prepared pen drive with system. In order to install Ubuntu from pen drive, we have to adjust the boot device priority.

Access boot menu from first screen and set Removable or USB device as first option.

boot menu

If boot menu is not available, use boot device priority option from BIOS to boot the system with USB drive.

bios boot options

If boot device priority is set correctly and pen drive contains valid installation files, installation process will start automatically.

On first screen of installation wizard, we have two options; Try Ubuntu and Install Ubuntu.

First option allows us to use Ubuntu as Live OS without installing anything in hard disk.

Second option allows us to install Ubuntu in hard disk as regular operating system.

Click Install Ubuntu option

start installation

Installation process involves several steps and options which need be explained in detail. Due to length of this tutorial, all installation steps are explained separately in following tutorial.

How to install Ubuntu Linux step by step

That’s all for this part.


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